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2016 pilot ambassadors
Born and raised in the historical Central District, Terae’s interest in art began at an early age. Gravitating towards creative writing and journalism, he attended Saint Martin’s University where he became Editor of the campus paper sophomore year. A current freelance journalist, dj and radio host of his own show for HollowEarthRadio since May of 2015; having the opportunity to spread awareness on pressing issues through art and creation has and will always remain as Terae’s number one passion.
terae kaitlyn
Inspiring entrepreneur
Ellison Lynn Shieh is a writer and filmmaker with a passion for storytelling. In 2015 they received their A.A. in Movie Making from Bellevue College, and continued on to the Advanced Track Video Production program there. Along with working for the College Channel and Bellevue TV through Advanced Track, they are a project manager with the Seattle Asian American Film Festival. Ellison seeks to create diverse, inclusive, and compelling narratives through the many mediums, and their works include short films and documentary pieces. Intersectionalism and their identity plays a role in what they do and how they approach their work. With much faith in the power and influence of media, they strive to make a difference through their creations. *Ellison is a nonbinary individual who uses they/them.
ellison keelin
Keelin Everly-Lang is a multimedia journalist who uses writing, photography and videography to elevate marginalized voices. She currently attends Bellevue College with a focus in communications. She also attended the Art Institute of Seattle for photography before deciding to broaden her storytelling skills by transferring to Bellevue. She is a staff reporter for the school's newspaper, “The Watchdog”. She also works full time as the Business and Training Specialist at Old Navy, as well as doing professional event and portrait photography on her own. She approaches each new subject with a curious and respectful eye and has a clear focus on achieving educational and professional goals that will enable her to be a voice for positive change.
A strong believer in women's rights, Deeqa Mah is an aspiring public health major in the Seattle area. She enjoys watching foreign films, and some day dreams of creating her own films. Along with creating her own films, she plans on forming her own non-profit surrounded around mental health of the younger generations back home in Somalia. In her spare time, she volunteers with youth, as she loves working with children.
deeqa marisol
Marisol Lopez was raised in Quincy, WA. She made the move to this area in order to pursue a passion through film and video production. She received her A.A. in Arts and Science from Big Bend Community College in 2014 and her A.A. in Movie Making from Bellevue College in 2016. Marisol is a proud immigrant from Jalisco, Mexico who is passionate about cultural diversity, and social justice. Marisol is also involved with the LGBTQ community, being the LGBTQ Coordinator for Bellevue College in 2014-2016. She strives to express these passions through the medium of film.
Born in raised in Seattle, WA for as early as Essance can remember she has always had passion for speaking up for others. Essance is the oldest of four siblings and a first generation college student. She has just completed her first year of college at Whitworth Univeristy majoring in Political Science and Criminal justice. Essance hopes to one day attend law school, using her degree as a tool to advocate for the marginalized and underrepresented communities.
Essance joy
Joy Okot-Okidi is a student, writer, poet and activist. She has a strong passion for writing and all things art. Aside from the arts, she enjoys both mathematics and is pursuing a career in medicine. Through her writing and other projects, she strives to highlight the voices that are unheard, while promoting the importance of standing in solidarity for other marginalized groups. She currently writes for “The Seattle Globalist,” her school paper, "The Watchdog,” and serves on the African Student Association leadership board.
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