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2017 ambassadors
Brian Kioria is a business and technology student at Bellevue College in the Year UP program. He found out about the foundation when he was one of Kakela Hall’s students, and found the opportunity giving him a chance to help the community through a non-profit organization. He grew up around two wonderful women in his life and has learned how important and strong women are. He aspires to be a businessman one day and through KD Hall, he is able to learn how to run a business.
brian kioria
Christina Tran is currently getting her certification as a Database Analyst and is learning various computer programming languages. She found out about the KD Hall Foundation through classmates who previously had Kakela Hall as an instructor. The mission of the foundation inspired Christina to help young individuals in the work force, especially young women like herself pursuing the tech field. Christina is part of our PR team and holds the role of designing and promoting flyers, advertisements, and creating the first KD Hall magazine.
christina tran cody thetford
Cody Thetford is a student at Bellevue college and has just completed his degree in film making. Cody decided to intern with the KD Hall Foundation because he believe in telling stories that matter with substance. As a male ally, he is able to help tell the stories of women and girls who are rising. Cody is part of our production team.
Gurpreet Singh is a student at Bellevue College in the Year UP program. He decided to get involved in the KD Hall Foundation because he wanted to make a difference in the future workforce. He is currently a part of the public relations team.
gupreet singh jake
Jake is a recent graduate of the Digital Media Arts program at Bellevue College. He joined the KD Hall Foundation to gain real world experience in video production and post production. He strives to use video as a medium to explore local issues and show his support for women in the workplace. Jake is part of our production team.
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jennifer matapula leah nemeth
Leah Nemeth is a human resources management student attending Eastern Washington University. She found out about the KD Hall Foundation through one of the foundation’s business partners, Angela Jones from the administration of EWU. Having an interest in business, getting the chance to learn from two prominent African American business owners was an opportunity Leah couldn’t miss. She is part of the business team and holds the role as the human resources intern.
Nikkia Glover is a media communications major at Full Sail University as an online distant-learner. After leaving the medical industry, she has opened two businesses and starts training in real estate. Nikkia wanted to build her confidence as a leader, which led her to looking into the KD Hall Foundation. She strives to sharpen her skills that she currently possesses and develop skills she did not know she has or perhaps struggle with. She is part of the public relations/communications and magazine team.
nikkia glover Seddrick sampson
Seddrick is a native of Atlanta, Georgia who recently moved up to the Seattle area. His mission for coming up to the Pacific Northwest was to have more opportunities for higher education and the workforce. He found out about the foundation through one of KD Hall’s partners, the YMCA. Seddrick has an interest in marketing and is part of our business team. | 206-966-2198

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