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KD Hall Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization born in Pacific Northwest in Seattle, WA.


The purpose of the K.D. Hall Foundation is to support women and girls in their development and economic advancement by being ready and prepared for their current or future careers.


We communicate this in a various of ways such as conferences, Public Relations campaigns, workshops small and large and webinars that encourage, inspire and propel women of all ages, nationalities and sexualities around the world.


K.D. Hall Foundation partners with colleges, organizations, government and more to create opportunities and experiences for women through mentorship, career opportunities and community partnerships.


In essence we are about the growth and evolution of all people in our community and around the world. The focus for our first project is Women and the workforce. The Movement is a 5 year project encompassing conferences, mentorship, education, media and STEM (science, tech, engineering and mathematics).




vision MISSION purpose business college k-12

KD Hall Foundation is an incubator to prepare the future workforce. We connect young adults with the current workforce and mentor opportunities. All young adults will leave  KD Hall Foundation with a portfolio that support their academic learnings and future career.



KD Hall Foundation mission is to help prepare the future workforce and provide opportunity, support, mentors and sponsors to women and young girls.



KD Hall is a place where women and girls come for leadership and workforce development. We have three areas of expertise.



Small to Large organizations can take a advantage of our live or webinars workshops–(Release date TBD), community building projects and skills to strength their business and brand and economic development.



Women in college can join one of KD Hall 2 yearly apprenticeship/ Internship program to develop their portfolio with experiential learning. Public relations campaigns, communication projects including documentaries and short feature are just some of the most attractive projects are Summer and Winter teams will contribute to.



(2017/2018 TBA) These students will have an opportunity to join other students around the state to become STEM ready. KD Hall Foundation educational and workforce development programs is the pillar of the organization. The focus career and small -large business capacity building. | 206-966-2198

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