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KaKela (Kela) D. Hall, Sr. a.k.a KD Hall is the epitome of a networking and corporate problem-solving genius. Her production and problem-solving skills are just a few f the things that set her apart. With years of experience in higher education, communication management, strategic professional planning and training, Kela is equipped to handle a copious number of tasks with integrity and poise. She is a visionary, a creator, and a leader in workforce development women initiatives including sexual harassment prevention. Her high energy and hardworking core keeps her motivated while assisting clients to achieve their professional goals. She also serves as an adjunct marketing and communications professor at Bellevue College and holds her own as a professional speaker, moderator, spokesperson and special interest journalist. Not to mention she holds a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication with a minor in Broadcasting Journalism, as well as a MBA and Master in Adult Education- Leadership and Training.

Kela co-founded KD Hall Communications in 2013 and has since been extremely impactful across corporate and government sectors. As a result, Kela and the KD Hall team have been invited to the White House, received 10 proclamations, and successfully guided 24 students through an internship for the Inauguration of Women on the Rise Season 1 and Women on the Rise Season 2 as well as two Women’s History Month conferences.

Women on the Rise addresses equity for women, which is a very important cause to Kela and KD Hall Communications. She has a raging futuristic old school vibe that distinguishes her from the rest. As Kela continues to grow with KD Hall, she also hopes to increase the reach of the company. Goals of global growth, college partnerships, and educational facilities are only the beginning for this old school ambitious millennial leader. In Kela’s personal life she is the mother to her name sake Kela Hall Jr. and is expecting baby number two with Co-founder David in May 2018.

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David E. Hall, III is the Director of Business and Professional Programs at Bellevue College Continuing Education. David has a strong background in Human Capital with an extensive specialty in human resources management, contract negotiation and business, including having served in the United States Air Force. David’s military background afforded him exposure that is valuable and unique. As the 2009 Airmen of the Year, David was introduced to opportunities that others were not. His hard work, strategic leadership, and communication skills helped him stand out from his peers. As a result, David has been sought after to assist multiple companies in their employee recruitment process, contract negotiation and his creativity to solve problems.

David co-founded KD Hall Communications with his wife in 2013 and has since been very active in its growth. His knowledge of labor law management, employment law and general human capital are a few things that make David a commodity to the company. He is deeply invested in the company and actively working towards nationwide expansion by 2020 with global expansion resulting shortly thereafter.

David is a purpose director and a vision manager. He brings an abundance of vim and vigor to KD Hall Communications. David created and implemented the organizational strategy for both KD Hall Communications and KD Hall Foundation. He was also instrumental in the connection of KD Hall CEO with the White House and NASA. David has an innate desire to change the workforce in America through organizational exposure and inclusion. Not to mention, he holds a bachelor’s degree in Health Care Administration and an MBA with a concentration in Human Resource Management. In his personal life, he is the father of Kela Hall Jr and May 2018 David and Co-Founder Kela are expecting baby number two to join the KD Hall family.

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