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In 2018, KD Hall Foundation will continue our work to advance the future workforce for young adults with an emphasis on women and young girls.  KD Hall Foundation focuses our work in three areas: Policy, STEAM 9th-12th grade girls and College-based programs.





KD Hall Foundation was established October 26th, 2015. KD Hall goal is to grow systemically externally and infrastructure internally to meet the three goals the leadership team set for 2018. The long term goal is to provide national programs in our 3 goal areas and create a national blue print that will be implemented across the US and internationally.



Advocacy & Policy


 The goal of addressing policy is to prepare all women and young girls for C-suite level leadership.  The areas of focus for policy will be:


Project #1 Sexual harassment prevention & Gender Equity Preparation


Project #2 STEAM-Providing STEM-based programs for girls in 7-12th grade


Project #3 College-based programs

Women hold almost 52% of all professional level positions, yet only 8.1% are top earners, & only 4.6% are Fortune 500 CEOS. Women of color face even larger divides! In 4 conferences over a one year period, KD Hall has reached over 900 people to educate them and provide a networking platform across industries including politicians, corporate leaders, government, law enforcement and college students.

Ambassador Testimonies

As an ambassador it was amazing to see and work with a black women working hard to create something great for everyone which is something unfortunately I've never saw or done before. It was eye opening and very motivating. Being ambassador I was constantly remained that I was the right track by being in college pursuing my dreams And kela was sure to constantly remind me and my fellow ambassadors that we are capable.

As an ambassador for Women on the Rise 2016, I not only gained skills I can use in the future but did so in the company of a diverse array of inspiring women. From politicians and police chiefs to women in fashion and business, I had the opportunity to gain real world experience and make tangible connections with leaders of my community as they in turn empowered each other.

- Essance King

- Keelin Everly Lang

College & Community Partnership Testimonies

Kela Hall and the KD Hall Communications company are rare jewels.  I have had the privilege of partnering with a core group of organizations and small businesses in King County that provide internship opportunities to homeless young adults seeking to gain employment skills that will make them more competitive in the work force.  KD Hall Communications is the only partnership that connects youth to a specialized field.

- Leslie Daniels

 Employment Resource Specialist

Accelerator YMCA

Clear Path to Employment

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